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Unearthing The Divine King

An Exploration of the 4 Masculine Archetypes


How Can This Book Serve You?

Having a deeper understanding of the four masculine archetypes can bring into consciousness where in your life you're operating from a shadow and guide you towards unearthing the Divine King within. Download your free copy today

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    About the Author


    Amir Khalighi

    Teacher, Coach, Speaker, Artist and Poet

    Born in Iran, Tehran, and raised by a single mother, his perspective of life during his early years was through the prism of the feminine with no mature masculine figure to learn from or lean on until his early 20s. His natural inclination for separation from that dynamic was a destructive one from the age of 19 to 22. At 23, he found his first men’s group where elders exemplified what it meant to be a mature masculine in the world. Read More

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